About Pergh Multimedia


NAME : Pergh Enterprise*
SSM NO. : SA0118132-A
ADDRESS : Lot 1415, Jalan Bilal Wondo, Padang Jawa,
40200 Seksyen 17 Shah Alam, Selangor

*We wish to upgrade the company as SDN. BHD by mid year 2011. However, ‘bad thing’ happened.


Pergh Enterprise is established since 2009. Specialized in web and multimedia are the main field.

This company is SOHO based, the Small Office Home Office. Because when the company was founded, the owner of this company is still working in the same field in a reputable Publishing Company, later as Art Director in a Multimedia Company. So, by that reason, the owner just makes it as a part time job or freelance.

However since early 2011, the founder stops his daily job and has decided to give full attention to this company.
The founder of the company has over 10 years experiences in the field of web and multimedia. In 2001, the owner has built his first ‘dot-com’ which is still exist until now. Since then, the founder had ‘in-hand-experience’ in design and programming.

The company is running by ‘one-man-show’ and usually focused and dedicated to a single client in a time to ensure every project are well executed. Beside one-man-show, there’s plenty of his business partner that’s always there to assist, from high skilled designers to high skilled programmers and etc. However it’s only just in case to speed up the progress of works and development, otherwise all will be developed by his own.

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    saya nak tahu harga please.

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    kami di iAwani ada buat post khas mengenai WP Malaysia dan Pergh Multimedia.

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