Welcome to Pergh Multimedia.

The official web is now online!!!  Watch-out our latest creation and promotions. The Pergh Multimedia (Pergh Enterprise actually) is a branding name started now. Even thou the company portfolio page wasn’t much for now, that’s doesn’t mean we were lacks of project and experience!

The founder (me heh!) of company itself has done many projects. Either in web development, web design, CSS coding, layout styling, printed materials, ebook design and many more. But listed on this web portfolio page is the only projects done and claimed under Pergh Enterprise label. He intend to separate his personal and small scale of work beside the formal and professional one as seen here.

The personal job is remain personal. – Nizam ‘Mysticmind’ Ahamad

*if you wanted to see the founder works, kindly please visit  [this website].


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