Pennzoil Malaysia

A very well known and established brand in the world!  Pennzoil’s also has a very large lubricants products range. From Passenger Motor Oil, Motorcycle Oil, Diesel Engine Oil, Transmission Oil and many more.


The mainpage of this website had things to list. We have to ensure no double work to do while updating it. Listing post by categories are  using custom query coding. Auto thumbnails, cutting post text and slideshow. To be honest, it took us very lot of time and it’s only completed slowly part by part.

Since there’s many events related to their company, we build image gallery too.

The other important thing, Pennzoil’s had a very large range of products as we mentioned earlier. So we build a different products database page at a subdomain. There’s products listing, images and datasheet file that user can download.


Web Name : UMW Pennzoil Malaysia
Web URL :
Client : Ideas Communication Sdn. Bhd. (for UMW Pennzoil)
Developer : Pergh Multimedia
Developement Period : 3 Month – completed on February 2011
Web Running Period : Since January 2011 until present.

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